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Azure Marketplace

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Welcome to the Windows Azure Marketplace (WAM). The Marketplace is an information and application marketplace. Marketplace simplifies publishing and consuming data of all types, as well as applications or services, even if they do not consume Marketplace data. The Marketplace enables developers and information workers to easily discover, purchase, and manage premium data subscriptions. The Marketplace provides both trusted public domain and premium commercial data via integrated consumption experiences and easy data discovery, exploration, and purchase on any platform. In addition, the Marketplace provides a centralized location where you can market or find and subscribe to applications and services.

If you own and want to publish data or a application or service, the Marketplace extends the reach of your content through Microsoft’s global developer and information worker community. The Marketplace publishes your data as an OData feed so the ISV can concentrate on using your data rather than coding to a different data format for each dataset.

Topics by Role

Consumer Publisher Developer

You may be an information worker, a data scientist, or anyone interested in using the data, applications, or services available through the Azure Marketplace.

You are the owner of some data, Azure application, or service and are making it available to others for a fee or for free through the Azure Marketplace.

You are a developer. You want to create an Azure application or service that you can make available to others through the Azure Marketplace.

Topics for everyone

Whether you are a consumer, publisher, or developer, you should be familiar with these topics.

Prerequisites Orientation Topics
  • To browse offerings – no prerequisites.

  • To subscribe to an offering – a Microsoft account is required.
    If you don’t have a Microsoft account (formerly known as a Live ID) you can sign up here.
    Microsoft accounts are free.

  • To subscribe to a paid offering – billing information, including a valid credit card number, is required.

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