Get Dedicated Circuit Link Authorization


The Get DedicatedCircuit Link Authorization operation provides a details of a specific link authorization created by the dedicated circuit owner. The dedicated circuit owner refers to the owner of the subscription in which a dedicated circuit is created.


The Get DedicatedCircuit Link Autharization request may be specified as follows: Replace <subscription-id> with the subscription ID, <service-key> with the service key that was obtained when the circuit was created, and <auth-id> with the authorization ID of the particular authorization.


Request URI


You must make sure that the request that is made to the management service is secure. For additional details, see Authenticating Service Management Requests.

Request Body



The response includes an HTTP status code, a set of response headers, and a response body.

Status Code

A successful operation returns status code 200 (OK). For information about status codes, see Service Management Status and Error Codes.

Response Body

The following example shows the format of the response body:

<DedicatedCircuitLinkAuthorization xmlns="" xmlns:i="">
  <Limit> number of links authorized </Limit>
  <LinkAuthId>unique link authorization id for this link<s/LinkAuthId>
<MicrosoftIds> comma-separated list of microsoft ids </MicrosoftIds>
 <Used>used links for this link authorization</Used>

The following table describes the elements of the response body.

Element name



User-friendly text describing the link.


Maximum number of links authorized for this authorization.

Link AuthID

GUID uniquely identifying the authorization.


List of Microsoft IDs (typically IDs of account admins and co-admins) who are authorized to claim the authorization.


Number of links redeemed.

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