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Resource Usage (Preview)

This API allows you to get consumption data for an Azure subscription. It returns all of the usage data incurred on an Azure subscription and NOT JUST the usage data that was considered for billing – this might include any usage at the end of the billing cycle that was discarded due to lateness. Please see the question titled ‘What is the difference between Usage Time and Reported Time?’ in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Get consumption data for an Azure subscription article for more details.

Common parameters and headers

The following information is common to all tasks that you might perform related to getting usage details:

  • Replace {subscription-Id} in the request URI with your subscription identifier.

  • Replace {api-version} in the request URI with 2015-06-01-preview

  • Set the Content-Type request header to application/json.

  • Set the Authorization request header to an OAuth bearer token formatted as a JSON Web Token, which you obtain from Azure Active Directory. For more information, see Authenticating Azure Resource Manager requests.


You can do the following with the Resource Usage API: