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Security Policies


Updated: July 12, 2016

A security policy defines the set of controls which are recommended for resources within the specified subscription or resource group. You can tailor security policies according to your company security needs and the type of applications or sensitivity of the data. For example, resources used for development or testing may have different security requirements than those used for production applications.

Users can customize their security policy, by turning ON or OFF different types of recommendations in the Azure Security Center policy. For example, users can choose not to receive recommendations related to antimalware or encryption for VMs and SQL Databases. For more information on Security Policies, including how to configure them in Azure Security Center, see Setting Security Policies in Azure Security Center

You can also use the Azure Security Resource Provider REST APIs to configure policies programmatically. This is particularly helpful if you have many subscriptions and/or resource groups and want to apply policy changes across them.

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