Windows Azure Pack high availability


Applies To: Windows Azure Pack

A Windows Azure Pack distributed deployment can be set up for high availability by using load balancers and Windows PowerShell cmdlets.


This document does not include instructions to set up load balancers. For detailed information about setting up load balancers, see your appropriate manual or manufacturer website. For information about Microsoft's load balancer products, see Network Load Balancing Provider.

These instructions use example machine names and domains, such as You should replace these sample names with the appropriate names for your deployment.

Use the following steps to deploy Windows Azure Pack for high availability:

  1. Install SQL Server and Windows Azure Pack

  2. Create virtual machines

  3. Reconfigure the Windows Azure Pack components to point to the load balancers

  4. Re-establish trust between the authentication sites and the management portals

  5. Update FQDNs for resource providers