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Windows Mobile 6.5 developer documentation is an extension of the Windows Mobile 6 documentation. Almost all material in Windows Mobile 6 also applies to Windows Mobile 6.5. New features and exceptions are described in the topic Programming for Windows Mobile 6.5.

Windows Mobile extends the familiarity of the Windows desktop to Windows® phones. Windows Mobile is based on Windows Embedded CE and supports the .NET Compact Framework.

By using the Windows Mobile platform, you can build innovative applications for mobile devices. The platform offers features such as data connectivity that is seamless and has enhanced security; rich API support such as Bluetooth and the Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM); an extensive range of programming models that includes native code, managed code, and mobile web development; and device resources such as multithreading.

You can reduce development time and costs by taking advantage of a familiar Windows development environment, a consistent programming model, and comprehensive technical resources.

If you are new to the Windows Mobile platform, you may find the following interactive diagram useful, as it links to key topics and external sources.

For more experienced developers, the following list highlights the major high-level topics in this documentation set.

  • Code Samples for Windows Mobile
    Provides information about each code sample that is included in the Windows Mobile Professional SDK and Windows Mobile Standard SDK .
  • Links and Resources
    Links to Windows Mobile-related resources, such as websites, web logs (blogs), and tutorials.

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