Using the FakeGPS Utility


GPS application development can be difficult because many GPS receivers don't function well indoors, where most developers do their work. The Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK ships with a utility called FakeGPS that uses text files containing GPS to simulate the functionality of a GPS receiver. Applications that use the GPS Intermediate Driver will function exactly as they would if a GPS receiver was present and do not need to be modified in any way to use the utility.

Enabling FakeGPS

The FakeGPS utility is shipped in the SDK in the form of a .cab file that should be installed on your device. The default installation path for the file is C:\Program Files\Windows Mobile 6.5.3 DTK\Tools\GPS.

The procedure title

  1. Cradle your device or emulator and wait for ActiveSync to connect.

  2. Click the Explore button in the ActiveSync application window.

  3. Copy and paste the file from your desktop computer to a folder in the Mobile Device window.

  4. On your device or on the emulator, navigate to the folder where you copied the file and click on the file. This will install the FakeGPS application.

  5. Select Programs from the Start menu and select Fake GPS.

  6. When the Fake GPS application launches, select Enabled from the Fake GPS drop-down list. Choose any value from the NMEA File drop-down list.