Path Simple Type Simple Type

Path Simple Type

Defines the values used to define a path to a definition or member in the current .sdm file namespace or in an aliased (imported) namespace.

The Path simple type is similar to the QualifiedName simple type, except that Path does not allow a reference to a definition or member in a different SDM file through the use of a colon.

<xs:simpleType name="Path"> <xs:restriction base="string" > <xs:pattern value="[_\p{Ll}\p{Lu}\p{Lt}\p{Lm}\p{Lo}\p{Nl}]{1}[\w\p{Lm}\p{Nl}\p{Cf}\p{Mn}\p{Mc}]*(\.[_\p{Ll}\p{Lu}\p{Lt}\p{Lm}\p{Lo}\p{Nl}]{1}[\w\p{Lm}\p{Nl}\p{Cf}\p{Mn}\p{Mc}]*)*" /> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpleType>

  • Path


The Path simple type is a string that is restricted by the following pattern:

  • [_\p{Ll}\p{Lu}\p{Lt}\p{Lm}\p{Lo}\p{Nl}]{1}[\w\p{Lm}\p{Nl}\p{Cf}\p{Mn}\p{Mc}]*(\.[_\p{Ll}\p{Lu}\p{Lt}\p{Lm}\p{Lo}\p{Nl}]{1}[\w\p{Lm}\p{Nl}\p{Cf}\p{Mn}\p{Mc}]*)*

    The two-letter abbreviations in the pattern are from Unicode standards, and are defined in the "UnicodeCategory Enumeration" topic in the MSDN Library at The first character can be: _, Ll, Lu, Lt, Lm, Lo, or Nl. Other characters can be \w, Lm, Nl, Cf, Mn, Mc, where \w translates to Ll, Lu, Lt, Lo, Nd, or Pc.

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