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Emerging Web Solutions

The Web is rapidly evolving from an ecosystem of managed content centric sites that strive to establish basic internet presence, to an ecosystem of user generated content and social/community centric services with viral channels for discovery and consumption. This shift is popularly characterized by the community at large today as being the Web 2.0 phase of the Internet evolution, and it constitutes the base for the future trends and emergence of the web. The notion of the Emerging Web signifies the constantly evolving state of the web and encompasses the related standards, trends, business models, architectures, and enabling technologies.

The Emerging Web movement is most prevalent in the tech savvy online consumer ecosystem today. It however embodies a much broader and unrealized reach potential with opportunities to span and integrate broader consumer segments, businesses of all sizes and kinds, web service providers, independent software vendors, and solution integrators  in unique ways that yield compelling cross-cutting benefits. The materialization of such cross-cutting and integrated opportunities constitutes the core of the future evolution of the web.

Ramping up and staying updated on the state of the emerging web is a challenging task. Developing an astute awareness of targeted  business and solution opportunities in the quagmire of related technology dimensions and options can be even more daunting. The goal of this site is to serve  as a premier source of content targeted at demystifying the Emerging Web and the broad cross-cutting opportunities that it presents. Target audiences span business decision makers, technology decision makers, and cross functional project/program team leads.

Emerging Web 101

New to Web 2.0 and the trends that are shaping the Emerging Web? Watch the following  presentation for an all up orientation on the state of the web and its envisioned evolution:

Video: Rationalizing the Emerging Web

Web Service Providers

Looking to build the next killer Web 2.0/Emerging Web Service? Don’t know where to start (or) want to make sure that you have all the bases covered prior to getting started? Unsure of whether the Microsoft Web Platform can meet your needs? Check out the following resources to learn more:

Video: Embarking on a Web 2.0 Project

White Paper: Architecting and Implementing a Web 2.0 Service on the Microsoft Web Platform

Project Kobe: A shared source reference implementation of  a canonical Web 2.0 service

Looking for ways to extend your user reach through mainstream channels & devices? Ever thought of integrating more deeply with the PC desktop to extend  user reach and deliver more sticky experiences? Check out the following resources to learn more about this option:

Video: Desktop Internet Applications

White Paper: Desktop Internet Applications


Trying to get your head around the value prop and opportunities for adopting emerging web trends within your business? Not sure where and/or how to get started? Check out the following resources to learn more:

Video: Going Social – Enterprise/Business Opportunities and Solution Frameworks

White Paper: Going Social – Enterprise/Business Opportunities and Solution Frameworks

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) & Solution Integrators (SIs)

The Emerging Web introduces a number of compelling new opportunities  for Independent  Software Vendors of packaged off the shelf  solutions, and Enterprise/Business centric solution integrators. The opportunities span unique and new product/service offerings and business models that target the challenges of the Web Service Provider and Enterprise/Business communities. Check out the following resources to learn more about these opportunities:

Video: Emerging Web Opportunities for ISVs & SIs