ISearchCrawlScopeManager::IncludedInCrawlScope Method

Returns an indicator of whether the provided URL is included in the crawl scope.


HRESULT IncludedInCrawlScope(      
    BOOL *pfIsIncluded


  • pszURL
    [in]  The URL to check for inclusion in the crawl scope.
  • pfIsIncluded
    [out, retval]  Returns a pointer to a BOOL value: TRUE if pszURL is included in the crawl scope; otherwise, FALSE.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or an error value otherwise.


For hierarchical sources, the most immediate parent is included. For non-hierarchical sources like URLs, this will be only the URL rule itself. Other URLs that might be indexed will return FALSE from this method because there is no way to tell whether they are in the scope.