Microsoft.SPOT.Presentation Namespace

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Displays and arranges graphical user interface items, such as a window and its child elements.


  Class Description
Public class PresentationSource Enables you to work with content from other technologies (sources) as part of interoperational scenarios.
Public class SystemMetrics Contains a display device screen's dimensions and the number of available colors.
Public class UIElement Provides programming components you can use to lay out and render graphical user interface (GUI) items such as shapes, images, and controls on a particular region of a display device's screen.
Public class UIElementCollection Represents an ordered collection of UIElement objects.
Public class Window Provides members you can use to create, configure, show, and manage windows and dialog boxes in your .NET Micro Framework applications.
Public class WindowManager Manages windows that are currently open.


  Structure Description
Public structure UIElementCollection. . :: . .Enumerator Enumerates the UIElement objects that are contained in a particular UIElementCollection object.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate PostRenderEventHandler This delegate defines the syntax of the handler that is called when a PostRender event is raised.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration HorizontalAlignment Specifies a child element's horizontal alignment within its parent element's layout space.
Public enumeration SizeToContent Specifies how a window should be sized, relative to its contents.
Public enumeration VerticalAlignment Specifies a child element's vertical alignment within its parent element's layout space.
Public enumeration Visibility Specifies the current display state of a particular .NET Micro Framework element.