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Windows Server 2008 Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Windows Server 2008?
A. Windows Server 2008 is the next generation server operating system from Microsoft that will help IT professionals maximize control over their infrastructure while providing unprecedented availability and management capabilities, to deliver a significantly more secure, reliable and robust server environment than ever before. Windows Server 2008 will deliver new value to organizations by insuring all users regardless of location are able to get the full complement of services from the network.
Q. What are the key features/benefits of Windows Server 2008?

Control: Windows Server 2008 allows you to get more control over your server and network infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your most critical business needs. Features that address this area:

  • Windows PowerShell

  • Server Manager

Flexibility: Windows Server 2008 provides you with the flexibility to create an agile and dynamic datacenter to meet your changing business needs. Features that address this area:

  • Virtualization

  • Remote Access (Terminal Services gateway)

Protect: Windows Server 2008 hardens the operating system and protects your environment to provide a solid foundation on which you can run and build your business. Windows Server protects against failure and intrusion for servers, networks, data, and user accounts. Features that address this area:

  • Network Access Protection

  • Hardened Operating System and Services

Q. Is Windows Server 2008 available?
A. Yes. Windows Server 2008 shipped in February of 2008
Q. Where can I evaluate a trial of Windows Server 2008?
A. The trial version of is available in the Windows Server 2008 Evaluation Center
Q. How much will Windows Server 2008 cost and how will it be licensed?
A. Pricing and licensing information can be found here

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