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Making Phone Calls by Using Voice Command


The following table shows a list of the voice commands used to make phone calls, with a description of the purpose of each.

Command Description

Call contact Call contact at/on location

Used to call a contact whose phone number is saved on the device, or a specific phone number.

contact can be one of the following contacts:

  • Companyif only company name is shown in the Contacts list view and when First, Middle, Last, and Nickname in the Name field are all blank.
  • Nickname, First Last, First Last Suffix, First Middle Last, First Middle Last Suffix if Name field is shown in the Contacts list view.

location represents one of the following phone numbers:

  • Home
  • Home2
  • Work
  • Work2
  • Mobile
  • Cell
  • Cellular
  • Car
  • Radio
  • Pager
  • Assistant

Dial number

Used to dial a phone number.

number can be one of the following digit sequences:

  • nnn-nnnn
  • nnn-nnn-nnnn
  • 1-nnn-nnn-nnnn
  • n-1-1


Used to return the last call received.


Used to redial the last call made.


  1. When confirming a query, say Yes or Correct to call, and No or Incorrect to try again.
  2. When asked which location, say an offered location to call, No to try again or continue to next contact in a list.
  3. This feature is only available on Windows Mobile Professional and Windows Mobile Standard devices.
  4. SIM contacts are not included. Copy SIM entries to Contacts application to enable with Voice Command.
  5. Sometimes the name differs from the FileAs property shown in the Contacts list.
  6. For special cases such as international and voice mail numbers, create a contact and use Call contact.
  7. Contacts without a phone number cannot be called.
  8. The recommended maximum number of contacts is 1000 for 32 MB and 2000 for 64 MB devices.


         Karen Archer 
Call Karen Archer at home 
Call Karen Archer at work 
Call Karen Archer on mobile 
Call City, Light and Power 

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