Provisioning XML Considerations


When creating provisioning XML, consider how the XML will be sent and received.

This section discusses considerations when initially configuring a device for each type of deployment scenario. Before using this section, you should have determined how you will deliver the XML provisioning file. The following sections will help make this choice:

For information about bootstrapping a device by using provisioning XML, see Bootstrapping a Device.

For security considerations, see Provisioning XML Considerations when Changing Security Settings.

Questions To Be Answered Before Starting

The following list contains some common questions that need to be answered before attempting to set up XML provisioning.

Do you want to use WAP push services?

You can set up the device to receive services such as over-the-air (OTA) provisioning, Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), or Service Loading (SL) and Service Indication (SI) messages.

If you will use WAP push services, you should consider the following:

Do you want to allow remote applications to use RAPI to implement ActiveSync operations?

The RAPI policy restricts access of remote applications that are using Remote API (RAPI) to implement ActiveSync operations.

If using ActiveSync, you must use Desktop ActiveSync version 4.0 or later.

For more information, see Security Policy Settings.

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