WebstoreSettings Members

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Stores the Webstore settings for a given object

The following tables list the members exposed by the WebstoreSettings type.

Public Properties

  Name Description
Config Gets the parent config object
IsObjectExpired  Gets information about whether the given WebstoreObject is expired - dropped from WstConfig.(inherited from WebstoreObject)
Key Overridden. Gets the key for this object


Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods )

  Name Description
Equals  Overloaded. (inherited from WebstoreObject )
GetAdminToolAlertLoadDataRecentHours Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolAlertThreadPollInterval Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolAllowWstCommandsToPopupInNewWindow Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolFont Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolJobFrameworkStatusLastNDays Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolLatencyBucketDeployment Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolLatencyBucketServer Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolLatencyHigherThanBucket Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolManVerDiffDepVer Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolMonitoredDataThreadPollInterval Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolNoOnlineDbs Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolNoOnlineDbsNoPrimarySM Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolNoPrimariesSM Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolNoSecondaries Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolPrimDbNotDefault Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerAlertSeverityError Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerAlertSeverityErrorNum Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerAlertSeverityWarning Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerAlertSeverityWarningNum Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerDBLatencyTooHigh Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerDBNotOnline Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerNonOnlinePrimary Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerNoOnlineDbs Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerSomeDbsNotDefault Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolServerStatusToSupressAlerts Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolShouldPollAlertData Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolShouldPollMonitoredData Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolSomeDbsNotDefault Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolSomeDbsNotOnline Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolStatusHtmlFile Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolStatusXmlFile Gets the Admin tool setting
GetAdminToolStatusXslFile Gets the Admin tool setting
GetConcurrencyLimitDelta The delta to be kept between MCRS and MCRL when background thread reduces MCRL because of inactivity
GetConcurrencyLimitMinumum The minumum value for MCRL
GetConcurrencyLimitStart The start value of MCRL, when app first starts up.
GetCounterCollectPeriod Timeperiod for counter collection
GetCounterCommandLatencyExcellent LatencyExcellent bucket boundary
GetCounterCommandLatencyGood LatencyGood bucket boundary
GetCounterCommandLatencyOK LatencyOk bucket boundary
GetCounterCommandLatencyPoor LatencyPoor bucket boundary
GetDataCenterName The current client's datacenter name
GetDbCommandTimeoutSecs The command timeout for database queries
GetDbConnectAttemptMax Max number of connection attempts for a database
GetDbConnectionTimeoutSecs The Connection timeout value
GetEnableLatencyBasedScaleback Should the latency based scaleback thread be enabled?
GetEnableRampedGrowth Is ramped growth of MCRL enabled?
GetEnableResetConnection Is reset connection on SqlConnection enabled
GetEnableThrottledCmdFailover Should command execution failover if it is throtteled
GetEnableThrottling Is throttling of requests enabled
GetEnableThrottlingOnCmdTimeout Should MCRL be reduced if webstore encounters timeout errors
GetFailoverOnCommandTimeout FailoverOnCommandTimeout
GetFileFailoverErrors The current client's FileFailoverErrors
GetHashCode  The get hash code function(inherited from WebstoreObject)
GetJobFrameworkAgentPort Gets the JobFrameworkAgentPort. This is the port that the JobFrameworkAgent will listen on
GetJobHeartBeatInterval GetJobHeartBeatInterval
GetJobHeartBeatIntervalDelta GetJobHeartBeatIntervalDelta
GetJobManagerLeaseExpirationInterval GetJobManagerLeaseExpirationInterval
GetJobManagerLeaseExpirationIntervalDelta GetJobManagerLeaseExpirationIntervalDelta
GetJobPollingInterval GetJobPollingInterval
GetJobStatusCleanUpInterval Gets the JobStatusCleanUpInterval. This is used by the jobframework to cleanup old records
GetJobStatusDeploymentName Name of the JobStatus Deployment
GetJobWorkersDirectory Gets the directory from where the job framework jobs are located
GetLevelToResetConnectionPool The error level to reset the SQL connection pool. If error class is greater than or equal to the level, the connection pool will be cleaned.
GetLogCommandError GetLogCommandError
GetMasterControllerAlertGenerateResolveInterval Gets the MasterController Alert Generate/Resolve Interval
GetMasterControllerAlertPollingInterval Gets the MasterController Alert Polling Interval
GetMasterControllerHeartBeatInterval Gets the MasterController Heartbeat Interval
GetMasterControllerMaxAlertProcessThreads Gets the MasterController Max Alert Process Threads
GetMasterControllerMaxWaitBeforeResolve Gets the MasterController Max Wait Before Resolve
GetMasterControllerMonDataPollingInterval Gets the MasterController Monitored Data Polling Interval
GetMasterControllerPerfDBPurgeStaleTime Gets the MasterController PerfDB Stale Time
GetMasterControllerPerfDBPurgingInterval Gets the MasterController PerfDB Purging Interval
GetMaxGrowthPeriodOffset Max Offset from MinGrowthPeriod that MCRL growth can be delayed
GetMaxJobAgentWorkers GetMaxJobAgentWorkers
GetMaxPoolSize The maximum SQL pool size
GetMinGrowthPeriod What is the minimum time before the MCRL can be grown
GetMonitoringAgentWorkThreads Max Monitoring agent threads.
GetMonitoringWorkThreads Max Monitoring threads.
GetPercentBadRequestsThreshold The percent number of bad requests before webstore logic reduces MCRL.
GetPersistentFailureLogPeriod PersistentFailureLogPeriod
GetResourceValidatePeriod Time to wait in sec's before attempt to unblacklist a resource
GetSqlFailoverErrors The current client's SqlFailoverErrors
GetThrottlingQueueCapacity The number of requests of the throttling queue can accommodate.
GetThrottlingQueueStaleDuration The duration in the queue when the request will became stale
GetThrottlingQueueWarningRatio The threshold to give a warning if the queue exceeds the limits.
GetType  (inherited from Object )
GetUserSettingPollingInterval Gets the user settings polling interval
GetUserSettingPollingOffset Gets the offset of polling of user settings
GetUserStore  (inherited from WebstoreObject )
GetWmoDefaultBackupRestoreSqlCmdTimeout Gets the timeout to wait for backup/restore commands.
GetWmoDefaultSqlCommandTimeout Gets the timeout to wait for sql commands.
GetWmoDeploymentMaxThreads Maximum allowed threads for setting up a deployment. This is an override setting.
GetWmoMaxBGThreads Gets maximum allowed back ground threads for the Wmo. Used in the WmoConfig.
GetWmoServerOperationMaxThreads Max number of threads active during server level operations.
GetWmoWaitActivePrimaryProcessTimeout Gets the timeout to wait on Active Primary processes in the WMO.
GetWstAgentMaxBGThreads Maximum back ground threads used by the WstAgent for processing latency.
GetWstMonitorMaxBGThreads Max number of threads used for the Admin tool.
ReferenceEquals  (inherited from Object )
Refresh  (inherited from WebstoreObject )
RemoveUserStore  (inherited from WebstoreObject )
SetUserStore  (inherited from WebstoreObject )
ToString  (inherited from Object )


Protected Methods

  Name Description
Finalize  (inherited from Object )
MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object )


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