ReceiveFromPortSet Generic Method

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Creates a single item receiver. Use with non-generic PortSet instances only

Namespace: Microsoft.Ccr.Core
Assembly:  Ccr.Core (in Ccr.Core.dll)
Version: 1.5.507.0


public static Receiver<T> ReceiveFromPortSet<T>(
    bool persist,
    PortSet portSet,
    Handler<T> handler
Public Shared Function ReceiveFromPortSet(Of T) ( _
    persist As Boolean, _
    portSet As PortSet, _
    handler As Handler(Of T) _
) As Receiver(Of T)
generic<typename T>
static Receiver<T>^ ReceiveFromPortSet (
    bool persist, 
    PortSet^ portSet, 
    Handler<T>^ handler


  • persist
    True if receiver can stay registered with the port after the first message
  • portSet
    PortSet instance to register receiver with
  • handler
    Handler<(Of <T>)>
    User delegate that executes on message arrival at the port

Return Value

Type Parameters

  • T

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