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Software Licensing and Protection Services

Microsoft Software Licensing and Protection (SLP) Services is a suite of licensing components that address the two most important concepts in software protection: protecting intellectual property from reverse engineering, and providing a secure licensing enforcement and management system. SLP Services offers the following three core components.

  • The Software Licensing and Protection Server 2008 (SLP Server) enables software vendors to host their own license management servers. Developers can use the SLP Server API to integrate license management models with their sales processes. The SLP Server enables creation of machine-based licenses, time-based licenses for subscription models and trials, as well as feature-based licenses — supporting a wide range of business models.
  • The SLP Online Service enables software vendors to perform license management tasks without hosting their own servers. This service provides the same functions as the SLP Server.
  • The SLP Code Protector provides an intuitive user interface and enables developers to easily mark methods as licensable features that software vendors can later control through digital licenses, while providing client-side license enforcement and protection of valuable intellectual property.

Documentation - We are in the early stages of creating the documentation and samples for this SDK and many topics do not yet exist. 


In This Section 

Support for Software Licensing and Protection Services 

Introduction to the SLP Services HowTos 

Understanding the Activation UI 

SLP Code Protector Support for .NET Framework 

Code Protection Best Practices 


Walkthrough: Integrating Activation into a Setup Project 

SLP Services Reference 

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