UI overview of contextual awareness in Microsoft Cortana


This document models the user interface of Microsoft Cortana in context of receiving flight notifications.

Published date: April 2, 2014

Cortana flight tracking UI

Airline flight providers can add schema.org markup to their outgoing mails to enable flight tracking for customers that use Microsoft Cortana. The following UI walkthrough illustrates the contextually aware Cortana flight experience.

Contextually aware flight tracking walkthrough

  1. Estella books a flight through Blue Yonder Airlines and receives a confirmation email to her Windows Phone.

    Confirmation mail in inbox

  2. She goes to her Start Screen, and then taps on the Cortana tile.

    Home screen with Cortana

  3. Cortana offers to track Estella's flight. Estella taps yes.

    Cortana flight tracking prompt

  4. Cortana informs Estella that she will receive updates a day before departure.

    Cortana flight tracking response

  5. The day of the flight, Cortana's live tile displays the latest status. Estella taps the tile.

    Home screen with flight tracking info

  6. Cortana displays the flight information.

    Cortana flight status update

  7. Estella views her flight information periodically throughout the day. Cortana keeps her up to date with flight status.

To enable this scenario for your airline, see Sending flight information to Microsoft Cortana with contextual awareness.