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Contextual awareness


Contextual awareness lets you insert structured data into e-mail messages to be acted on by the receiving application.

Published date: April 2, 2014

Contextual awareness

Contextual awareness describes the passing of structured data in e-mail messages between provider and consumer. The provider adds structured data in the form of markup to an e-mail message. The markup may be in Microdata or JSON+LD syntax. The receiving application interprets the structured data and performs actions based on that data.

Supported applications

The first Microsoft application to support contextual awareness is Microsoft Cortana. Cortana uses contextual awareness to support airline flight scenarios, such as confirmation mails and flight tracking. For an overview of the implementation from a UI perspective, see UI overview of contextual awareness in Microsoft Cortana. To enable this feature for your customers, see Sending flight information to Microsoft Cortana with contextual awareness.

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