WebRequest.Offset Property (Bing, Version 2.0)

Specifies the offset requested, from zero, for the starting point of the result set to be returned for this WebRequest.

Public Property Offset As UInt32
public UInt32 Offset { get; set; }


Offset specifies the requested position in the result set for a response.

Offset is typically used in conjunction with the Count property on the WebRequest object, and the Total property on the WebResponse object, to facilitate paging through long lists of results.

The minimum value for Offset is 0 (zero); this is also the default value. The maximum value is 1000. If a value outside this range is specified, the Bing API returns an error.

Search results are limited to the first 1,000 results. This means that the total of WebRequest.Count plus WebRequest.Offset should not be greater than 1,000.

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