Getting Started


This topic contains steps for getting started using the Bing Maps Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Control.

Create a Bing Maps Developer Account

In order to use the Bing Maps WPF Control, you need a Bing Maps Key to authenticate your application. To obtain Bing Maps Keys, first go to the Bing Maps Accounts Center and create a Bing Maps Developer Account. This is described in detail in the topic Getting a Bing Maps Key. For information about using your Bing Maps key to authenticate your Bing Maps WPF Control application, see Accessing the Control Using a Bing Maps Key.

Check Requirements

The Bing Maps WPF Control requires .NET Framework 4.0 and the Windows SDK. Both of the components are installed with the Microsoft Visual Studio Visual C# or Visual Basic Express Edition. While using Visual Studio is a recommended way for building Bing Maps WPF Control applications, there are other ways to build these applications. For more information, see Building a WPF Application (WPF)

Download the Bing Maps Windows Presentation Foundation Control

Download and install the Windows Presentation Foundation Control SDK.

Start using the Bing Maps WPF Control

Now you are ready to start using the Bing Maps WPF Control.

The Bing Maps WPF Control is an extension of Windows Presentation Foundation. For background information about XAML, code-behind and Windows Presentation Foundation applications, see Windows Presentation Foundation.

To integrate geocoding or routing capability into your application, use the Bing Maps REST Services. You can also integrate entity data searches with your application by using the Bing Maps Spatial Data Services.