Step 6: Map Applications and Users to Farms

Published: February 25, 2008


The goal of this step is to assign the applications and users to the appropriate terminal server farms and record that in a job aid. Now that the number of terminal server farms has been determined, each farm will be placed in the job aid, along with the users and the applications that are to be assigned to each terminal server farm. In addition to the spreadsheet job aid like the sample provided in Appendix C, it may be useful to represent the farms on a geographic background if they are spread across different locations. An existing network infrastructure diagram can also provide a useful background for this.

Task 1: Assign Users and Applications to Their Terminal Server Farms

The number of users, farms, and applications can all become confusing to maintain. In this step, use the job aid to record which applications will be hosted for which users on which farms:

  1. Using the sample in Appendix C, map the applications onto the job aid, associating them with the farm where they will be hosted. Be careful to place applications which have interdependencies together in the same farm.
  2. Map which users will have access to each application on each farm, and record this on the job aid. Include any applications that may be unique for traveling users in each farm.
  3. Where there are significant populations of traveling users, represent them on the job aid in all the locations to which they frequently travel.

Decision Summary

This step, while somewhat easy to describe, is a time consuming and critical task that is necessary for ensuring that the appropriate capacity and performance requirements are analyzed correctly in subsequent steps. The users and applications have been mapped to the most appropriate farms, and this mapping has been recorded in the farm design job aid. This information is used in the next step to determine what resources each terminal server farm needs in order to handle the users connecting to it.

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