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Visual Studio Gallery Screenshot

Browse the Visual Studio Gallery to find productivity tools, controls, and other products that complement Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System. You'll find everything from enterprise solutions for cross-platform development to free Power Toys. The Visual Studio Gallery provides a central place to find and share products and extensions that complement Visual Studio and Visual Studio Team System.

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MSDN Code Gallery Screenshot

Visit the MSDN Code Gallery to find code samples, snippets, and other code resources. You'll find descriptive pages, design notes, supporting documents, hosted conversations and more. The MSDN Code Gallery does not catalog projects or provide built-in project management or collaboration tools, it is purely a community space where developers can get and share code.

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CodePlex Screenshot

Use CodePlex to find software built by thousands of developers around the world collaborating on open source projects. CodePlex provides hosting for open source projects and features supported for distributed team development. You'll find wiki pages, discussion forums, issue tracking, project statistics, project tagging, and support for many source control clients utilizing Team Foundation Server.

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