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Obsolete in the .NET Framework Version 3.5

APIs made obsolete in the .NET Framework Version 3.5

Microsoft.IE namespace (1 updated class)

Namespace Microsoft.IE {

SecureFactory class (2 fields made obsolete)

public class** SecureFactory** : ISecureFactory2, ISecureFactory {   

public static readonly Int32 CORIESECURITY_SITE;       

public static readonly Int32 CORIESECURITY_ZONE;       


} // end of namespace Microsoft.IE

System.Web.Configuration namespace (1 updated class)

Namespace** System.Web.Configuration** {

WebContext class (1 constructor made obsolete)

public sealed class** WebContext** {   

public WebContext(WebApplicationLevel pathLevel, String site, String applicationPath, String path, String locationSubPath);       


} // end of namespace System.Web.Configuration

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