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Kid's Corner Return Home

Beginning Web Development

The Microsoft Beginner Developer Learning Center (BDLC) is a great place to learn about programming, but only Kid's Corner is designed just for you! When you are ready to learn more about writing code and you can't find what you need on Kid's Corner, then take a look and see what else you can find around the site. The BDLC Web site has a whole section for creating interactive Web sites that you program yourself. Here you will find information about different languages like Visual Basic and Visual C#. You will also find some great information about using Visual Studio Express's many features, and how Web servers and Web pages work. Some of this information might be a little harder for kids to understand so be patient. Pause and think about what you see, or even go back if you need to. Even if you don't understand everything, you'll definitely gain some new knowledge to help you understand computers and programming better. A great page of resources is the BDLC Web Development page. You may notice that the information is divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Think of tiers as levels. You'll want to start with Tier 1. Good luck!