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Health Monitoring Service

You use the Health Monitoring Service to monitor Commerce Server 2009 R2 Web services installed in one or multiple sites. The Health Monitoring Service can highlight issues that cause downtime or poor performance, such as unavailable services, long response time, and security breaches.

This service takes advantage of the information in the MMC database for Commerce Server 2009 R2 so that it can obtain all the required configuration information about the sites, and which resources are available within each site. 

Commerce Server 2009 R2 Health Monitoring Service Extensibility

The Health Monitoring Service monitors the states of each Web service by calling functions that check the context of each system and its corresponding Web service. If the function encounters an error, the function generates one of the following error conditions:

  • Service monitoring exception occurred.

  • Critical error occurred.

  • Error occurred.

  • Security problem or risk occurred.

  • Service is unavailable.

  • Dependency problem is blocking the service monitor function.

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