Order Processing Pipelines

The Order Processing pipelines (OPP) are software infrastructures that links several components and runs them in sequence on an OrderForm or Dictionary object. Commerce Server 2000 includes three basic types of order processing pipelines, which implement aspects of business-to-consumer and business-to-business sites.

This section contains:

  • About Order Processing Pipelines. Describes how the Order Processing pipelines work.

  • Default and Required Components. Explains the role of the Default and Required components in Order Processing pipelines. These components help to ensure data integrity during processing.

  • Currency Enhancements. Describes the high-precision currency data type and how pipeline components handle it.

  • Discount Objects. Explains the basic parts of a discount and how discounts are applied using discount components.

  • Inventory Objects. Explains how to check and reduce inventory using inventory components.

  • Shipping Objects. Describes the multiple-shipment shipping architecture and how to use Site Server 3.0 shipping components in Commerce Server 2000 pipelines.

  • Tax Objects. Explains how to use tax components with the multiple-shipment shipping architecture in Commerce Server 2000.

  • Business-to-Consumer Pipelines. Describes the business-to-consumer pipelines: the Product, Plan, and Purchase pipelines. These pipelines are used in Commerce Server sites designed for retail shopping by the public.

  • Using Order Processing Pipelines. Explains how to use Order Processing pipeline components in Commerce Server sites.

  • Order Processing Component Reference. Lists the components used in Order Processing pipelines.

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