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How to Restart IIS

For the latest version of Commerce Server 2007 Help, see the Microsoft Web site.

When you change the properties used by the CS Authentication resource, you must stop and then restart Internet Information Services (IIS). Similarly, when you use Commerce Server Manager to change Commerce Server global resources, you must restart the affected Commerce Server service.

Restarting IIS unloads all Web applications from memory, restarts the IIS service and refreshes the cache. Therefore, when restarting IIS, you do not have to unload an application from memory.

You must restart IIS when you perform any of the following tasks in the CS Authentication resource:

  • Configure CS Authentication resource properties

  • Enable cookie sharing across domains/applications

  • Enable AuthFilter

  • Disable AuthFilter

To restart IIS

  • Click Start, click Run type IISReset, and then click OK.

    A Command Prompt window opens displaying the status of the IISReset command. You should read the status at the command prompt to make sure that IIS stops and restarts.

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