Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Project.Common.UI Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Project.Common.UI namespace provides interfaces and classes to support the Project feature. It supports the Visual Studio infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.


  Class Description
Public class BaseDocData The base class for all the document data.
Public class BaseEditorControl The base class for all the editor pane controls.
Public class BaseEditorFactory This abstract editor factory is used by the data tools factories.
Public class BaseEditorPane The base class for all editor panes.
Public class BaseMenuHandler The base class for the package-level menu handlers.
Public class ClosingEventArgs Provides data to the BaseDocData Closing event.
Public class CommandFilter Maintains two lists of commands: those that specify ONLY and those that specify EXCLUDE.
Public class ContextMenu Represents the context menu.
Public class DataPackage This type is only used internally; you cannot use it directly from your code. Represents the data package.
Public class DataPackage.Services Represents data package services.
Public class DataSchemaErrorTask Represents the data schema error task.
Public class DBStatusBar Wraps the Visual Studio status bar access to make certain that only one VSTSDB activity is represented at one time.
Public class DirectorySelection Represents directory selection.
Public class ExecArg Used as a property bag for the arguments passed to the IOleCommandTarget.Exec method.
Public class FileBaseSelection Represents file selection.
Public class FileChangedEventArgs Provides data to the BaseDocData FileChanged event.
Public class FileSelection Wrapper for the IVsUIShell.GetSaveFileNameViaDlg method.
Public class FileSelectionFilters Creates a properly formatted filter string to pass to FileSelection.
Public class FormUtilities Utility class for forms.
Public class GuidList Defines Guids.
Public class LoadedEventArgs Provides data to the BaseDocData Loaded event.
Public class MonitorSelectionEventArgs Represents event arguments for MonitorSelection changes.
Public class MonitorSelectionServiceHelper Helper class to listen to document selection changes and raise events to other doc windows or tool windows to make related changes, such as content refresh, watermark change, or undo/redo stack changes.
Public class OleCommandTargetHelper Used by tool windows and editors to help with the IOleCommandTarget implementation.
Public class PkgCmdIDList Defines package command IDs.
Public class QueryStatusArg Used as a property bag for the arguments passed to the IOleCommandTarget.QueryStatus method.
Public class SavedEventArgs Provides data to the BaseDocData Saved event.
Public class ServerExplorerCommandHandler The command handler for the supported data view (server explorer) commands.
Public class UserPreferenceChangedHandler Used to listen to font change events that the user may initiate.
Public class VSHelpManager Provides helper methods for handling and invoking Visual Studio help.
Public class WindowsMessageMonitor This type is only used internally; you cannot use it directly from your code. Listens to mouse and keyboard events, and keeps track of the last time the user interacted with the process.


  Interface Description
Public interface IBaseDocData Represents document data.
Public interface IBaseEditorControl Represents editor controls.
Public interface ITaskNavigator Provides the customized navigational method for errors.
Public interface IVsMicrosoftInstalledProduct This type is only used internally; you cannot use it directly from your code. Allows an entry to be in the top half of the splash screen.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate CommandFilter.FilterCallback Represents a callback to determine whether the given command is part of the filter.
Public delegate OleCommandTargetHelper.ExecHandler Used to abstract the IOleCommandTarget Exec method.
Public delegate OleCommandTargetHelper.QueryStatusHandler Used to abstract the IOleCommandTarget QueryStatus method.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration DirectorySelection.Options Specifies directory selection options.
Public enumeration FileSelection.Options Specifies the file selection options.