Microsoft.Data.Schema.Sql.SchemaModel.SqlServer Namespace

The Microsoft.Data.Schema.Sql.SchemaModel.SqlServer namespace contains types for Sql80, Sql90, and Sql100.


  Class Description
Public class ColumnSource Represents a source of columns.
Public class ColumnSourceMirror Represents a mirrored column source.
Public class DecoratableSchemaAnalyzer Represents a decoratable schema analyzer.
Public class InterpretationError Represents the errors specific to interpretation.
Public class ResolvedDescriptor Represents a column that has been resolved.
Public class Sql100Interpreter Interprets T-SQL fragments to define the schema that would be generated.
Public class Sql100InterpreterConstructor Defines a Sql100 interpreter.
Public class Sql100ModelBuilderConstructor Defines a Sql100 model builder.
Public class Sql100ReverseEngineer Allows the population of a SQL schema manager, given a connection string.
Public class Sql100ReverseEngineerConstructor Defines a Sql100 reverse engineer.
Public class Sql100SchemaModel Represents the Sql100 schema model.
Public class Sql100SchemaModelConstructor Defines a Sql100 schema model.
Public class Sql100ScriptDomGenerator Represents the Sql100 script DOM generator.
Public class Sql100ScriptDomGeneratorConstructor Defines a Sql100 script DOM generator.
Public class Sql80Interpreter Interprets T-SQL fragments to define the schema that would be generated.
Public class Sql80InterpreterConstructor Defines a Sql80 interpreter.
Public class Sql80ModelBuilderConstructor Defines a Sql80 model builder.
Public class Sql80ReverseEngineer Represents the Sql80 reverse engineer.
Public class Sql80ReverseEngineerConstructor Defines a Sql80 reverse engineer.
Public class Sql80SchemaModel Represents the Sql80 schema model.
Public class Sql80SchemaModelConstructor Defines a Sql80 schema model.
Public class Sql80ScriptDomGenerator Represents the Sql80 script DOM generator.
Public class Sql80ScriptDomGeneratorConstructor Defines a Sql80 script DOM generator.
Public class Sql90Interpreter Interprets T-SQL fragments to define the schema that would be generated.
Public class Sql90InterpreterConstructor Defines a Sql90 interpreter.
Public class Sql90ModelBuilderConstructor Defines a Sql90 model builder.
Public class Sql90ReverseEngineer Allows the population of a Sql90 schema manager, given a connection string.
Public class Sql90ReverseEngineerConstructor Defines a Sql90 reverse engineer.
Public class Sql90SchemaModel Represents the Sql90 schema model.
Public class Sql90SchemaModelConstructor Defines a Sql90 schema model.
Public class Sql90ScriptDomGenerator Represents the Sql90 script DOM generator.
Public class Sql90ScriptDomGeneratorConstructor Defines a Sql90 script DOM generator.
Public class SqlAnnotationDescriptor Describes the annotation for a SqlElementDescriptor.
Public class SqlElementDescriptor Used to describe a SQL store element without instantiating it in the store.
Public class SqlElementSource Represents the SQL model element source.
Public class SqlInterpreter Interprets T-SQL fragments to define the schema that would be generated.
Public class SqlInterpreterConstructor Defines a SQL interpreter.
Public class SqlModelBuilder Represents a SQL-specific model builder.
Public class SqlModelBuilderConstructor Defines a SQL model builder.
Public class SqlModelBuilderException Represents the thrown exception when a SQL model builder-related failure happens.
Public class SqlModelComparerConfiguration Represents the SQL-specific comparison configuration.
Public class SqlPotentialElementDescriptor Represents a SQL potential element descriptor.
Public class SqlRelationshipEntrySource Provides information about a SQL relationship entry's source.
Public class SqlReverseEngineer Allows the population of a SQL schema manager, given a connection string.
Public class SqlReverseEngineerConstructor Defines a SQL reverse engineer.
Public class SqlReverseEngineerException Handles exceptions for the SqlReverseEngineer component.
Public class SqlReverseEngineerProgressEventArgs Contains the data for ReverseEngineer and ReverseEngineerJob progress events.
Public class SqlSchemaAnalyzer Defines the interpretation events.
Public class SqlSchemaModel The base class for SQL schema managers.
Protected class SqlSchemaModel.SqlModelElement Represents the SQL model element.
Public class SqlSchemaModelConstructor Defines a SQL schema model.
Public class SqlSchemaModelException Represents the SQL data schema model exception.
Public class SqlScriptDomGenerator Represents the SQL-specific script DOM generator.
Public class SqlScriptDomGeneratorConstructor Defines a SQL script DOM generator.


  Structure Description
Public structure ClrPart Represents a CLR part.


  Interface Description
Public interface IExtendedPropertyHost Represents an extended property host.
Public interface ISql100Aggregate Represents a Sql100 aggregate.
Public interface ISql100AsymmetricKey Represents a Sql100 asymmetric key.
Public interface ISql100AuditAction Represents the Sql100 audit action.
Public interface ISql100AuditActionGroup Represents the Sql100 audit action group.
Public interface ISql100AuditActionSpecification Represents the Sql100 audit action specification.
Public interface ISql100AuditSpecification Represents the Sql100 audit specification.
Public interface ISql100BrokerPriority Represents the Sql100 broker priority.
Public interface ISql100ClrFunctionImplementation Represents the Sql100 clear function implementation.
Public interface ISql100ClrFunctionOrderedColumnSpecification Represents a Sql100 clear function ordered column specification.
Public interface ISql100ColumnSet Represents a Sql100 column set.
Public interface ISql100Credential Represents a Sql100 credential.
Public interface ISql100CryptographicProvider Represents the Sql100 cryptographic provider.
Public interface ISql100DatabaseAuditSpecification Represents a Sql100 database audit specification.
Public interface ISql100DatabaseEncryptionKey Represents a Sql100 database encryption key.
Public interface ISql100DatabaseOptions Represents Sql100 database options.
Public interface ISql100DataCompressionOption Represents a Sql100 data compression option.
Public interface ISql100EventSession Represents a Sql100 event session.
Public interface ISql100EventSessionAction Represents a Sql100 event session action.
Public interface ISql100EventSessionDefinitions Represents Sql100 event session definitions.
Public interface ISql100EventSessionSetting Represents a Sql100 event session setting.
Public interface ISql100EventSessionTarget Represents a Sql100 event session target.
Public interface ISql100Filegroup Represents a Sql100 file group.
Public interface ISql100FullTextIndex Represents a Sql100 full text index.
Public interface ISql100FullTextStopList Represents a Sql100 full text stoplist.
Public interface ISql100Function Represents a Sql100 function.
Public interface ISql100Index Represents a Sql100 index.
Public interface ISql100InlineTableValuedFunction Represents a Sql100 inline table valued function.
Public interface ISql100MultiStatementTableValuedFunction Represents a Sql100 multi-statement table-valued function.
Public interface ISql100PartitionScheme Represents a Sql100 partition scheme.
Public interface ISql100PrimaryKeyConstraint Represents a Sql100 primary key constraint.
Public interface ISql100Procedure Represents a Sql100 procedure.
Public interface ISql100Queue Represents a Sql100 queue.
Public interface ISql100QueueEventNotification Represents Sql100 queue event notification.
Public interface ISql100RemoteServiceBinding Represents Sql100 remote service binding.
Public interface ISql100ResourceGovernor Represents a Sql100 resource governor.
Public interface ISql100ResourcePool Represents a Sql100 resource pool.
Public interface ISql100ScalarFunction Represents a Sql100 scalar function.
Public interface ISql100ServerAudit Represents the Sql100 server audit.
Public interface ISql100ServerAuditSpecification Represents a Sql100 server audit specification.
Public interface ISql100ServerOptions Represents Sql100 server options.
Public interface ISql100Service Represents a Sql100 service.
Public interface ISql100SimpleColumn Represents a Sql100 simple column.
Public interface ISql100SpatialIndex Represents a Sql100 spatial index.
Public interface ISql100SpatialIndexedObject Represents a Sql100 spatial indexed object.
Public interface ISql100SpecifiesDataCompressionOptions Represents Sql100 data compression options.
Public interface ISql100SpecifiesFileStream Represents a Sql100 file stream.
Public interface ISql100SpecifiesIndex Represents Sql100 index information.
Public interface ISql100Statistic Represents a Sql100 statistic.
Public interface ISql100Subroutine Represents a Sql100 subroutine.
Public interface ISql100SubroutineParameter Represents a Sql100 subroutine parameter.
Public interface ISql100SymmetricKey Represents a Sql100 symmetric key.
Public interface ISql100Table Represents a Sql100 table.
Public interface ISql100TableType Represents a Sql100 table type.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeCheckConstraint Represents a Sql100 table type check constraint.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeColumn Represents a Sql100 table type column.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeComputedColumn Represents a Sql100 table type computed column.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeConstraint Represents a Sql100 table type constraint.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeDefaultConstraint Represents a Sql100 table type default constraint.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeIndexedColumnSpecification Represents a Sql100 table type indexed column specification.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeSimpleColumn Represents a Sql100 table type simple column.
Public interface ISql100TableTypeUniqueConstraint Represents a Sql100 table type unique constraint.
Public interface ISql100TableValuedFunction Represents a Sql100 table-valued function.
Public interface ISql100UniqueConstraint Represents a Sql100 unique constraint.
Public interface ISql100View Represents a Sql100 view.
Public interface ISql100WorkloadGroup Represents a Sql100 workload group.
Public interface ISql100XmlIndex Represents a Sql100 XML index.
Public interface ISql80ApplicationRole Represents a Sql80 application role.
Public interface ISql80DatabaseSecurityPrincipal Represents a Sql80 database security principal.
Public interface ISql80Role Represents a Sql80 role.
Public interface ISql80User Represents a Sql80 user.
Public interface ISql90Aggregate Represents a Sql90 aggregate.
Public interface ISql90ApplicationRole Represents a Sql90 application role.
Public interface ISql90Assembly Represents a Sql90 assembly.
Public interface ISql90AssemblyFile Represents a Sql90 assembly file.
Public interface ISql90AssemblySource Represents a Sql90 assembly source.
Public interface ISql90AsymmetricKey Represents a Sql90 asymmetric key.
Public interface ISql90AuthorizedObject Represents a Sql90 authorized object.
Public interface ISql90Certificate Represents a Sql90 certificate.
Public interface ISql90CheckConstraint Represents a Sql90 check constraint.
Public interface ISql90ClrClassDefined Represents Sql90 CLR class defined.
Public interface ISql90ClrFunctionImplementation Represents the Sql90 CLR function implementation.
Public interface ISql90ClrMethod Represents a Sql90 CLR method.
Public interface ISql90ClrMethodDefined Represents the Sql90 CLR method definition.
Public interface ISql90ClrMethodParameter Represents a Sql90 method parameter.
Public interface ISql90ClrProperty Represents a Sql90 CLR property.
Public interface ISql90ComputedColumn Represents a Sql90 computed column.
Public interface ISql90Constraint Represents a Sql90 constraint.
Public interface ISql90Contract Represents a Sql90 contract.
Public interface ISql90ContractMessageSpecifier Represents a Sql90 contract message specifier.
Public interface ISql90Credential Represents a Sql90 credential.
Public interface ISql90DatabaseDdlTrigger Represents a Sql90 data definition language (DDL) trigger.
Public interface ISql90DatabaseEventNotification Represents a Sql90 database event notification.
Public interface ISql90DatabaseMirroringLanguageSpecifier Represents a Sql90 database mirroring language specifier.
Public interface ISql90DatabaseOptions Represents Sql90 database options.
Public interface ISql90DatabaseSecurityPrincipal Represents a Sql90 database security principal.
Public interface ISql90DdlTrigger Represents a Sql90 data definition language (DDL) trigger.
Public interface ISql90DefaultConstraint Represents a Sql90 default constraint.
Public interface ISql90DmlTrigger Represents a Sql90 data manipulation language (DML) trigger.
Public interface ISql90Endpoint Represents a Sql90 endpoint.
Public interface ISql90EndpointLanguageSpecifier Represents a Sql90 endpoint language specifier.
Public interface ISql90EventGroupSpecifier Represents a Sql90 event group specifier.
Public interface ISql90EventNotification Represents Sql90 event notification.
Public interface ISql90EventTypeSpecifier Represents a Sql90 event type specifier.
Public interface ISql90File Represents a Sql90 file.
Public interface ISql90ForeignKeyConstraint Represents a Sql90 foreign key constraint.
Public interface ISql90FullTextCatalog Represents a Sql90 full text catalog.
Public interface ISql90FullTextIndex Represents a Sql90 full text index.
Public interface ISql90Function Represents a Sql90 function.
Public interface ISql90HttpProtocolSpecifier Represents a Sql90 HTTP protocol specifier.
Public interface ISql90Index Represents a Sql90 index.
Public interface ISql90InlineTableValuedFunction Represents a Sql90 inline table-valued function.
Public interface ISql90Login Represents a Sql90 login.
Public interface ISql90MasterKey Represents a Sql90 master key.
Public interface ISql90MessageType Represents a Sql90 message type.
Public interface ISql90MultiStatementTableValuedFunction Represents a Sql90 multi-statement table-valued function.
Public interface ISql90ObjectAuthorizer Represents a Sql90 object authorizer.
Public interface ISql90PartitionFunction Represents a Sql90 partition function.
Public interface ISql90PartitionScheme Represents a Sql90 partition scheme.
Public interface ISql90PartitionValue Represents a Sql90 partition value.
Public interface ISql90PrimaryKeyConstraint Represents a Sql90 primary key constraint.
Public interface ISql90Procedure Represents the Sql90 procedure.
Public interface ISql90ProtocolSpecifier Represents a Sql90 protocol specifier.
Public interface ISql90Queue Represents the Sql90 queue.
Public interface ISql90QueueEventNotification Represents a Sql90 queue event notification.
Public interface ISql90RemoteServiceBinding Represents Sql90 remote service binding.
Public interface ISql90Role Represents a Sql90 role.
Public interface ISql90Route Represents a Sql90 route.
Public interface ISql90ScalarFunction Represents a Sql90 scalar function.
Public interface ISql90Schema Represents a Sql90 schema.
Public interface ISql90SecurityPrincipal Represents a Sql90 security principal.
Public interface ISql90ServerDdlTrigger Represents a Sql90 server data definition language (DDL) trigger.
Public interface ISql90ServerEventNotification Represents Sql90 server event notification.
Public interface ISql90ServerOptions Represents Sql90 server options.
Public interface ISql90ServerSecurityPrincipal Represents a Sql90 server security principal.
Public interface ISql90Service Represents a Sql90 service.
Public interface ISql90ServiceBrokerLanguageSpecifier Represents a Sql90 service broker language specifier.
Public interface ISql90Signable Represents Sql90 signable.
Public interface ISql90Signature Represents a Sql90 signature.
Public interface ISql90SignatureEncryptionMechanism Represents a Sql90 signature encryption mechanism.
Public interface ISql90SoapLanguageSpecifier Represents the Sql90 SOAP language specifier.
Public interface ISql90SoapMethodSpecification Represents a Sql90 SOAP method specification.
Public interface ISql90SpecifiesExecutionContext Represents Sql90 execution context.
Public interface ISql90SpecifiesIndex Represents a Sql90 index.
Public interface ISql90SpecifiesStorage Represents Sql90 storage.
Public interface ISql90SpecifiesTable Represents a Sql90 table.
Public interface ISql90Statistic Represents a Sql90 statistic.
Public interface ISql90Subroutine Represents a Sql90 subroutine.
Public interface ISql90SymmetricKey Represents a Sql90 symmetric key.
Public interface ISql90SymmetricKeyEncryptionPassword Represents a Sql90 symmetric key encryption password.
Public interface ISql90Synonym Represents a Sql90 synonym.
Public interface ISql90SynonymTarget Represents a Sql90 synonym target.
Public interface ISql90Table Represents a Sql90 table.
Public interface ISql90TableValuedFunction Represents a Sql90 table-valued function.
Public interface ISql90TcpProtocolSpecifier Represents a Sql90 TCP protocol specifier.
Public interface ISql90Trigger Represents a Sql90 trigger.
Public interface ISql90TriggerEventTypeSpecifier Represents a Sql90 trigger event type specifier.
Public interface ISql90TypeSpecifier Represents a Sql90 type specifier.
Public interface ISql90UniqueConstraint Represents a Sql90 unique constraint.
Public interface ISql90User Represents a Sql90 user.
Public interface ISql90UserDefinedDataType Represents a Sql90 user-defined data type.
Public interface ISql90UserDefinedType Represents a Sql90 user-defined type.
Public interface ISql90View Represents a Sql90 view.
Public interface ISql90XmlIndex Represents a Sql90 XML index.
Public interface ISql90XmlIndexedObject Represents a Sql90 XML indexed object.
Public interface ISql90XmlSchemaCollection Represents a Sql90 XML schema collection.
Public interface ISql90XmlTypeSpecifier Represents a Sql90 XML type specifier.
Public interface ISqlApplicationRole Represents the SQL application role.
Public interface ISqlAuthorizedObject Represents a SQL authorized object.
Public interface ISqlBuiltInType Represents the SQL built-in type.
Public interface ISqlCheckConstraint Represents check constraint.
Public interface ISqlColumn Represents the column.
Public interface ISqlColumnSource Represents a column source.
Public interface ISqlComputedColumn Represents a computed column.
Public interface ISqlConstraint Represents a constraint.
Public interface ISqlDatabaseOptions Represents SQL database options.
Public interface ISqlDatabaseSecurityPrincipal Represents the SQL database security principal.
Public interface ISqlDefault Represents SQL default.
Public interface ISqlDefaultConstraint Represents the SQL default constraint.
Public interface ISqlDmlTrigger Represents a SQL DML trigger.
Public interface ISqlDynamicColumnSource Represents a SQL dynamic column source.
Public interface ISqlErrorMessage Represents a SQL error message.
Public interface ISqlExtendedProcedure Represents a SQL extended procedure.
Public interface ISqlExtendedProperty Represents a SQL extended property.
Public interface ISqlFile Represents a SQL file.
Public interface ISqlFilegroup Represents a SQL file group.
Public interface ISqlForeignKeyConstraint Represents a SQL foreign key constraint.
Public interface ISqlFullTextCatalog Represents a SQL full-text catalog.
Public interface ISqlFullTextIndex Represents a SQL full-text index.
Public interface ISqlFullTextIndexColumnSpecifier Represents a SQL full-text index column specifier.
Public interface ISqlFulltextIndexedObject Represents a SQL full-text indexed object.
Public interface ISqlFunction Represents a SQL function.
Public interface ISqlFunctionImplementation Represents a SQL function implementation.
Public interface ISqlIndex Represents a SQL index.
Public interface ISqlIndexBase Represents a SQL base index.
Public interface ISqlIndexedColumnSpecification Represents a SQL indexed column specification.
Public interface ISqlInlineTableValuedFunction Represents a SQL inline table valued function.
Public interface ISqlLegacyDataConstraints Represents SQL legacy data constraints.
Public interface ISqlLegacyDataConstraintTarget Represents a SQL legacy data constraint target.
Public interface ISqlLinkedServer Represents a SQL linked server.
Public interface ISqlLinkedServerLogin Represents a SQL linked server login.
Public interface ISqlLogin Represents a SQL server login.
Public interface ISqlModelElement The base model element for the SQL domain.
Public interface ISqlMultiStatementTableValuedFunction Represents a SQL multi-statement table-valued function.
Public interface ISqlObjectAuthorizer Represents a SQL object authorizer.
Public interface ISqlObjectOwner Represents a SQL object owner.
Public interface ISqlOwnedObject Represents a SQL owned object.
Public interface ISqlPermissionStatement Represents a SQL permission statement.
Public interface ISqlPrimaryKeyConstraint Represents a SQL primary key constraint.
Public interface ISqlProcedure Represents a SQL procedure.
Public interface ISqlRole Represents a SQL role.
Public interface ISqlRoleMembership Represents a SQL role membership.
Public interface ISqlRule Represents a SQL rule.
Public interface ISqlScalarFunction Represents a SQL scalar function.
Public interface ISqlScriptFunctionImplementation Represents a SQL script function implementation.
Public interface ISqlSecurable Represents SQL permissions.
Public interface ISqlSecurityPrincipal Represents a SQL security principal.
Public interface ISqlServerOptions Represents SQL Server options.
Public interface ISqlServerRole Represents a SQL Server role.
Public interface ISqlServerRoleMembership Represents a SQL Server role relationship.
Public interface ISqlServerSecurityPrincipal Represents a SQL Server security principal.
Public interface ISqlSimpleColumn Represents a simple column.
Public interface ISqlSpecifiesAnsiNulls Represents AnsiNulls information.
Public interface ISqlSpecifiesIndex Represents index information.
Public interface ISqlSpecifiesQuotedIdentifier Represents quoted identifier information.
Public interface ISqlSpecifiesStorage Represents storage information.
Public interface ISqlSpecifiesTable Represents table identification.
Public interface ISqlStatistic Represents SQL statistics.
Public interface ISqlStatisticBound Represents a SQL statistic bound.
Public interface ISqlSubroutine Represents a SQL subroutine.
Public interface ISqlSubroutineParameter Represents a SQL subroutine parameter.
Public interface ISqlSupportsReplication Represents SQL replication support.
Public interface ISqlTable Represents a SQL table.
Public interface ISqlTableValuedFunction Represents a SQL table valued function.
Public interface ISqlTrigger Represents a SQL trigger.
Public interface ISqlType Represents a SQL type.
Public interface ISqlTypeSpecifier Represents a SQL type specifier.
Public interface ISqlUniqueConstraint Represents a SQL unique constraint.
Public interface ISqlUser Represents a SQL user.
Public interface ISqlUserDefinedDataType Represents a SQL user-defined data type.
Public interface ISqlView Represents the SQL view element.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration InterpretationError.InterpretationErrorType Specifies the interpretation error type.
Public enumeration Sql90AuthenticationMode Specifies a Sql90 authentication mode.
Public enumeration Sql90CharacterSet Specifies a Sql90 character set.
Public enumeration Sql90DatabaseMirroringRoleType Specifies a Sql90 database mirroring role type.
Public enumeration Sql90DatabasePageVerifyMode Specifies a Sql90 database page verification mode.
Public enumeration Sql90EncryptionMode Specifies a Sql90 encryption mode.
Public enumeration Sql90ForeignKeyAction Specifies the Sql90 foreign key action.
Public enumeration Sql90HttpPort Specifies a Sql90 HTTP port.
Public enumeration Sql90LoginType Specifies a Sql90 login type.
Public enumeration Sql90ParameterizationOption Specifies a Sql90 parameterization option.
Public enumeration Sql90Permission Specifies Sql90 permissions.
Public enumeration Sql90ServiceBrokerEncryptionAlgorithm Specifies a Sql90 service broker encryption algorithm.
Public enumeration Sql90ServiceBrokerOption Specifies a Sql90 service broker option.
Public enumeration Sql90SoapFormatType Specifies a Sql90 SOAP format type.
Public enumeration Sql90SoapSchemaType Specifies a Sql90 SOAP schema type.
Public enumeration SqlAssemblyPermissionSet Specifies a SQL assembly permission set.
Public enumeration SqlAsymmetricKeyAlgorithm Specifies a SQL asymmetric key algorithm.
Public enumeration SqlAuditActionGroup Specifies a SQL audit action group.
Public enumeration SqlAuditTarget Specifies a SQL audit target.
Public enumeration SqlChangeTrackingOption Specifies a SQL change tracking option.
Public enumeration SqlCreationDisposition Specifies a SQL creation disposition type.
Public enumeration SqlDatabaseAuditAction Specifies a SQL database audit action.
Public enumeration SqlDatabaseRecoveryMode Specifies a SQL database recovery mode.
Public enumeration SqlDatabaseUserAccess Specifies a SQL database user access level.
Public enumeration SqlDataCompressionLevel Specifies a SQL data compression level.
Public enumeration SqlDdlTriggerScope Specifies the SQL DDL trigger scope.
Public enumeration SqlDegree Specifies a degree to which a property exists.
Public enumeration SqlElementDescriptor.DescriptorVolatility Specifies the SQL element descriptor volatility.
Public enumeration SqlElementDescriptorRelevance Specifies SQL element descriptor relevance.
Public enumeration SqlEndpointState Specifies a SQL endpoint state.
Public enumeration SqlEventGroup Specifies a SQL event group.
Public enumeration SqlEventSessionMemoryPartitionMode Specifies a SQL event session memory partition model.
Public enumeration SqlEventSessionRetentionMode Specifies a SQL event session retention mode.
Public enumeration SqlEventType Specifies a SQL event type.
Public enumeration SqlForeignKeyAction Specifies SQL foreign key action type.
Public enumeration SqlGridTessellation Specifies a SQL grid tessellation type.
Public enumeration SqlLoginEncryptionOption Specifies a SQL login encryption option.
Public enumeration SqlMemoryUnit Specifies the unit of memory.
Public enumeration SqlMessageSentByType Specifies the SQL message sent by type.
Public enumeration SqlMessageValidationMethod Specifies a SQL message validation method.
Public enumeration SqlPartitionRange Specifies a SQL partition range.
Public enumeration SqlPayloadType Specifies a SQL payload type.
Public enumeration SqlPermission Specifies a SQL permission type.
Public enumeration SqlPermissionAction Specifies SQL permission action.
Public enumeration SqlPrimaryXmlIndexUsage Specifies the primary XML index usage.
Public enumeration SqlProtocolType Specifies a SQL protocol type.
Public enumeration SqlSchemaModel.ModelCapability Specifies the SQL schema model capability.
Public enumeration SqlStatisticsSamplingStyle Specifies the SQL statistics sampling style.
Public enumeration SqlSymmetricKeyAlgorithm Specifies a symmetric key algorithm.
Public enumeration SqlTriggerOrderRestriction Specifies the trigger order restriction.
Public enumeration SqlTriggerType Specifies the SQL trigger type.
Public enumeration SqlType Represents a SQL type.
Public enumeration SqlUserOptions Specifies SQL user options.
Public enumeration SqlXmlDataTypeStyle Specifies a data type style.
Public enumeration SupportingStatementOptions Specifies the supporting statement option.