Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Project.Project.ToolWindows.DatabaseSchemaView Namespace

The Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Schema.Project.Project.ToolWindows.DatabaseSchemaView namespace provides interfaces and classes to support the Project feature. It supports the Visual Studio infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.


  Class Description
Public class DatabaseSchemaViewAddItemDialogContext Provides data for the event in which the add item dialog is launched from the database schema view.
Public class DatabaseSchemaViewControllerBase Base class for model visualizer controllers.
Public class DatabaseSchemaViewElementNode Represents the element node.
Public class DatabaseSchemaViewFolderNode Represents the folder node class.
Public class DatabaseSchemaViewInitializedEventArgs Provides data for schema view initialization events.
Public class DatabaseSchemaViewNode Base implementation for node classes.
Public class DatabaseSchemaViewRootNode Represents the root node of the hierarchy.


  Interface Description
Public interface IDatabaseSchemaView Represents the schema view.
Public interface IDatabaseSchemaViewController Represents the schema view controller.
Public interface IDatabaseSchemaViewElementNode Represents a model element in the database schema view.
Public interface IDatabaseSchemaViewFolderNode Represents a folder containing element types or other folders.
Public interface IDatabaseSchemaViewNode The base interface for all nodes in the schema view.
Public interface IDatabaseSchemaViewNodeInternal Defines additional members for IDatabaseSchemaViewNode.
Public interface IDatabaseSchemaViewRootNode The root node interface, which usually represents the project.
Public interface ISchemaViewController Represents the schema view controller Interface.