Troubleshooting Problems

The following information addresses some of the most common problems experienced when accessing the Microsoft account for organizations portal:

  • Most errors in the Microsoft Account for Organizations portal are caused by the use of incorrect user accounts. In order to access account for organizations, you must use an organizational account which looks like “ Additionally, only accounts that have been assigned to a Global Administrator or Billing Administrator can access the portal. Generally, the first account created during the first sign up for a Microsoft online service is a Global Administrator account and can assign that role to other accounts created afterward. If you have questions about what accounts in your organization are Global Administrators or Billing Administrators, you should contact your IT department or help desk.

  • Another common source of problems is caused when using older browser versions. When signing into the account for organizations portal, please make sure that your browser is up to date with the latest versions and updates.

  • Finally, some authentication errors can be caused when your browser has other credentials cached from previous sessions, such as a Microsoft Account used to access a Windows Azure portal. When this is suspected, either attempt to access the account for organizations portal by using “InPrivate Browsing” mode or clear your browser’s cache, cookies, and history before trying to access the portal again.


If none of these steps resolve your errors, please contact support for further assistance at

When contacting support, please include your organizational account name and any error code information associated with the problem you may have encountered.

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