WebApp.Start<TStartup> Method (String)

Start a web app using default settings and the given url and entry point type. e.g. Discover the ServerFactory and run at the given url.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Owin.Hosting
Assembly:  Microsoft.Owin.Hosting (in Microsoft.Owin.Hosting.dll)


Public Shared Function Start(Of TStartup) ( _
    url As String _
) As IDisposable
Dim url As String 
Dim returnValue As IDisposable 

returnValue = WebApp.Start(url)
public static IDisposable Start<TStartup>(
    string url
generic<typename TStartup>
static IDisposable^ Start(
    String^ url
static member Start : 
        url:string -> IDisposable
JScript does not support generic types and methods.

Type Parameters

  • TStartup


Return Value

Type: System.IDisposable
An IDisposible instance that can be called to shut down the web app.

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