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Behaviors SDK (XAML) for Visual Studio 2015 Preview

The Behaviors Software Development Kit (XAML) for Visual Studio 2013 provides information about behaviors, which are pieces of packaged code that you can reuse to add interactivity to your apps. To incorporate a behavior from the SDK, you drag it onto any object and then changing its properties to better suit your application.


The Behaviors SDK is provided to you "as-is," so support services may not be provided for it. Microsoft may provide updated components to the SDK in the future. To check for updates, see Microsoft Help and Support.

Working with behaviors

Blend for Visual Studio includes a variety of built-in behaviors, with which you can add interactivity to your applications without writing any code.

You can also use the Behaviors SDK to extend the capabilities of behaviors in Blend and Visual Studio.

For more information about the managed API, see Behaviors managed API (XAML).

For more information about the native API, see Behaviors native API (XAML).