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Thank you for joining us at Microsoft’s Strategic Architect Forum 2015

Session videos and presentations are now available online

See sessions, presentations and additional relevant content here

Architecture blueprintsScenario-based diagrams that help you build new solutions fastWatch the architecture videoWatch the videoTransform technology to an asset to grow your business and your career<iframe width="980" height="550" allowfullscreen="true" frameborder="0" marginwidth="0" marginheight='0' scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>EasyJet: Leading European airline improves service and scalabilityMYOB: Business software firm gives customers online/offline cloud accessDell: Uses cloud solution to manage online traffic, customer dealsGo to case studiesRead moreDiscover articles, whitepapers and more and learn about top trending architecture topics.Architects blogGo to blogMicrosoft blogs about all things for enterprise architects.