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MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion<TContext, TMigrationsConfiguration> Constructor (Boolean)

[This page is specific to the Entity Framework version 6. The latest version is available as the 'Entity Framework' NuGet package. For more information about Entity Framework, see]

Initializes a new instance of the MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion class specifying whether to use the connection information from the context that triggered initialization to perform the migration.

Namespace:  System.Data.Entity
Assembly:  EntityFramework (in EntityFramework.dll)


Public Sub New ( _
    useSuppliedContext As Boolean _
Dim useSuppliedContext As Boolean 

Dim instance As New MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion(useSuppliedContext)
public MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion(
    bool useSuppliedContext
    bool useSuppliedContext
new : 
        useSuppliedContext:bool -> MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion
public function MigrateDatabaseToLatestVersion(
    useSuppliedContext : boolean


  • useSuppliedContext
    Type: System.Boolean
    If set to true the initializer is run using the connection information from the context that triggered initialization. Otherwise, the connection information will be taken from a context constructed using the default constructor or registered factory if applicable.

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