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Code better, faster, smarter with MSDN subscriptions

With an annual cloud or standard MSDN subscription, you get all the software and benefits you need to stay up on all things code, including monthly Azure credits, collaboration tools, training perks, support, and more—all the latest and greatest from Microsoft.

MSDN subscriptions can be purchased in two ways:

  • Visual Studio standard subscriptions: these were formally known as MSDN subscriptions and come with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server, plus a host of subscriber benefits including software, cloud services, training and support.
  • Visual Studio cloud subscriptions: subscribe to Visual Studio, Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server on a monthly or annual basis. Annual plans come with a host of other benefits, and match the subscriber benefits included with Visual Studio standard subscriptions.

How to buy Visual Studio cloud subscriptions

Purchase a MSDN subscription directly from Microsoft

Visual Studio Enterprise

All about the enterprise—design, build and manage complex enterprise applications.

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Visual Studio Professional

All about the team—tools and services for individual developers or small team.

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Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN

Collaborate, test, deploy—drive quality and collaboration throughout the development process.

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MSDN Platforms

All about the extended team—for team members that need access to the Microsoft platform, without the IDE.

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