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FAQ for Document Tracking

This page provides answers to common questions about using the document tracking site.


Why don't I see all of my documents on the document tracking site?

Currently, the site shows only documents that are protected by using the RMS sharing app on Windows.


Can I use my mobile device to access the document tracking site?

Yes. The document tracking site can be used on devices with a variety of screen sizes:

  • You can view all pages except the timeline and the map on mobile phones.
  • You can view all pages on tablets, PCs, and Mac computers.


What subscription does my organization need to have in order to use document tracking?

Your organization will require an Azure RMS Premium subscription in order to use document tracking. This subscription can be acquired by itself or is available as part of the Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) or Enterprise Cloud Suite (ECS).


My question was not answered. What do I do?

Check track and revoke your documents in the RMS sharing app user guide. If you still have questions, and someone will respond promptly.

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