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Table of Contents: GridView Examples for ASP.NET 2.0


Scott Mitchell

April 2005

Applies to:
   Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0
   GridView control

Summary: This article illustrates how to accomplish a number of common tasks with the Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0 GridView control. Each task is accompanied by a description of the new concepts covered, and the complete working examples are available for download with this article. (122 printed pages)

Download the MSDNGridView sample in C#.

Download the MSDNGridView sample in Visual Basic.


Improvements in Data Access and Display

Accessing Data with the DataSource Controls

Formatting the GridView

Displaying Master/Detail Data in a GridView

Paging and Sorting the GridView's Data

Displaying Images in a GridView Column

Working with TemplateFields

Drilling Down into Detailed Data

Displaying Summary Data in the Footer

Deleting a GridView's Underlying Data

Editing the Underlying Data in a GridView

About the Author

Scott Mitchell, author of five books and founder of, has been working with Microsoft Web technologies for the past six years. Scott works as an independent consultant, trainer, and writer. He can be reached at or via his blog, which can be found at http://ScottOnWriting.NET.

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