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A key distributed application area is the management of systems and devices. Web services offer a strong foundation for building robust and interoperable systems management solutions.


A Roadmap To Converge Current Management Web Services Specifications

Toward Converging Web Service Standards for Resources, Events, and Management

IBM, Microsoft, HP and Intel have published a joint roadmap paper outlining the technical strategy to develop a set of composable and interoperable specifications that will provide a common base for the management functionality currently described by several related specifications. The roadmap identifies WS-Transfer, WS-Eventing and WS-Enumeration and potentially other WS-* specifications as the basis for management solutions and puts existing WS-Management customers on a direct path to the "converged" specifications.



Web Services for Management was first published as a public specification in 10 Oct 2004. This is the third joint publication of the specification.

WS-Management (PDF file)

This specification describes a general SOAP-based protocol for managing systems such as PCs, servers, devices, Web services, other applications, and other manageable entities.

WS-Management was contributed to DMTF in August 2005 and ratified as a Preliminary Standard at DMTF in August 2006.

WS-Management Catalog (PDF file)

This specification defines the default metadata formats for the discovery part of WS-Management. The catalog is used to discover available management resources such as network adapters or disk drives.

Schema and WSDL

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WS-ResourceCatalog (PDF File)

This specification defines a catalog for organizing and classifying management resources. The catalog is intended to advertise resources accessible via WS-Management, WSDM and other management specifications including their underlying protocols. This specification can be composed with other Web service data description specifications.


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WS-ResourceTransfer (PDF file)

This specification extends WS-Transfer operations, adding the capability to operate on fragments of management resource representations.

Schema and WSDL

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Additional Specifications and Application Notes

Remote Shell Web Services Protocol (PDF file)

This specification describes a set of extensions to the standard WS-Management specification for accessing common command shell processors.



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On May 16th – 20th, 2005, the co-authors of WS-Management hosted an interoperability workshop. The workshop was a face-to-face event where participants brought implementations of WS-Management and performed interoperability tests according to a set of agreed upon scenarios.

WS-Management Interoperability Workshop Results

Superseded Specifications

February 2005

WS-Management (PDF file)

WS-Management Catalog (PDF file)

October 2004

Specification WS-Management – Oct 2004

Schema Web Services for Management