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XML and the DataSet

With ADO.NET you can fill a DataSet from an XML stream or document. You can use the XML stream or document to supply to the DataSet either data, schema information, or both. The information supplied from the XML stream or document can be combined with existing data or schema information already present in the DataSet.

ADO.NET also allows you to create an XML representation of a DataSet, with or without its schema, in order to transport the DataSet across HTTP for use by another application or XML-enabled platform. In an XML representation of a DataSet, the data is written in XML and the schema, if it is included inline in the representation, is written using the XML Schema definition language (XSD). XML and XML Schema provide a convenient format for transferring the contents of a DataSet to and from remote clients.

In This Section

  • Creating and Using DataSets
    Describes the DataSet object and how it can be used to manage application data.
  • Accessing Data with ADO.NET
    Describes the ADO.NET architecture and components and how to use them to access existing data sources as well as to manage application data.