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ASP.NET Web Server Controls

ASP.NET Web server controls are objects on ASP.NET Web pages that run when the page is requested and render markup to a browser. Many Web server controls are similar to familiar HTML elements, such as buttons and text boxes. Other controls encompass complex behavior, such as a calendar controls, and controls that manage data connections.

The topics in this section describe what ASP.NET Web server controls are and how to work with them. The section also contains information about all built-in ASP.NET Web server controls and how you can create your own controls.

In This Section

  • Working with ASP.NET Web Server Controls
    Provides information on how to add ASP.NET server controls to pages, configure their properties, behavior, and appearance, and how to work with them programmatically.
  • ASP.NET Web Applications
    Provides information on how to create, customize, and manage an ASP.NET Web application (sometimes referred to as a Web site).
  • ASP.NET Web Site Security
    Provides information on security threats to your ASP.NET applications, ways in which to mitigate threats, and ways to authenticate and authorize users.
  • ASP.NET Troubleshooting and Debugging
    Provides information on handling errors, debugging ASP.NET pages, viewing trace information during page processing, and using monitoring the health of your application.