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MSBuild Task Reference

Tasks provide the code that runs during the build process. The tasks in the following list are included with MSBuild. When Visual C++ is installed, additional tasks are available that are used to build Visual C++ projects. For more information, see MSBuild Tasks Specific to Visual C++.

In addition to the parameters listed in the topics in this section, each task also has the following parameters:




Optional String parameter.

A Boolean expression that the MSBuild engine uses to determine whether this task will be executed. For information about the conditions that are supported by MSBuild, see MSBuild Conditions.


Optional Boolean parameter

A Boolean value that specifies whether the remaining tasks in the target run if this task fails. The task fails because the Execute method either throws an exception or returns false.

If ContinueOnError is set to true, the remaining tasks run and the failed task does not cause the entire target to fail.

If ContinueOnError is set to false, the remaining tasks do not run and the entire target fails.

By default, ContinueOnError is false.

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