Mapping Details Window (Entity Data Model Designer)

The Mapping Details window is the component of the ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer (Entity Designer) that enables you to view and edit mappings between a conceptual model and a storage model in an .edmx file (for more information, see .edmx File Overview (Entity Framework)). You can map entity types or associations to one or more database tables or functions.

Viewing the Mapping Details

The Mapping Details window is a Visual Studio component that is integrated with the Entity Designer. Double-click an .edmx file in Solution Explorer to open the Entity Designer. This includes the Mapping Details window. The Mapping Details window shows the mappings of the selected entity type in the currently active window.


If the Mapping Details window is not visible, right-click the main design surface and select Mapping Details.

For more information about how to create mappings, see How to: Map Entities to Database Tables (Entity Data Model Tools) and How to: Create and Edit Association Mappings (Entity Data Model Tools).

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