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General Configuration Settings (ASP.NET)

The topics in this section describe general configuration schema elements that are useful when working with ASP.NET applications.


The elements in this section do not necessarily apply only to ASP.NET applications; they can also apply to .NET Framework applications. For more information, see Configuration File Schema for the .NET Framework.

Default values for these elements are set in the Machine.config file located in the %SystemRoot%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\versionNumber\CONFIG\ folder. Values are inherited by child sites and applications. If there is a Web.config file in a child site or application, the inherited values do not appear, but can be overridden and are available to the configuration API.


XML tags and attributes are case-sensitive.

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connectionStrings Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema)

system.web Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema)

configSections Element (General Settings Schema)

appSettings Element (General Settings Schema)

location Element (ASP.NET Settings Schema)




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