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Observable.Multicast Method

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Returns an observable sequence that contains elements.

This member is overloaded. For complete information about this member, including syntax, usage, and examples, click a name in the overload list.

Overload List

  Name Description
Public methodStatic member Multicast<TSource, TResult>(IObservable<TSource>, ISubject<TSource, TResult>) Returns a connectable observable sequence that upon connection causes the source sequence to push results into the specified subject.
Public methodStatic member Multicast<TSource, TIntermediate, TResult>(IObservable<TSource>, Func<ISubject<TSource, TIntermediate>>, Func<IObservable<TIntermediate>, IObservable<TResult>>) Returns an observable sequence that contains the elements of a sequence produced by multicasting the source sequence within a selector function.


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