IDataServiceHost Interface

Interface that specifies interactions between WCF Data Services and its hosting environment.

Namespace:  System.Data.Services
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Services (in Microsoft.Data.Services.dll)


Public Interface IDataServiceHost
Dim instance As IDataServiceHost
public interface IDataServiceHost
public interface class IDataServiceHost
type IDataServiceHost =  interface end
public interface IDataServiceHost

The IDataServiceHost type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public property AbsoluteRequestUri Gets an absolute URI that is the URI as sent by the client.
Public property AbsoluteServiceUri Gets an absolute URI that is the root URI of the data service.
Public property RequestAccept The transport protocol specified by the request accept header.
Public property RequestAcceptCharSet Gets a string representing the value of the Accept-Charset HTTP header.
Public property RequestContentType Gets the transport protocol specified by the content type header.
Public property RequestHttpMethod Gets the request method of GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE.
Public property RequestIfMatch Gets the value for the If-Match header on the current request.
Public property RequestIfNoneMatch Gets the value for the If-None-Match header on the current request.
Public property RequestMaxVersion Gets the value that identifies the highest version that the request client is able to process.
Public property RequestStream Gets the stream that contains the HTTP request body.
Public property RequestVersion Gets the value that identifies the version of the request that the client submitted, possibly null.
Public property ResponseCacheControl Gets a string value that represents cache control information.
Public property ResponseContentType Gets the transport protocol of the response.
Public property ResponseETag Gets an eTag value that represents the state of data in response.
Public property ResponseLocation Gets or sets the service location.
Public property ResponseStatusCode Gets or sets the response code that indicates results of query.
Public property ResponseStream Gets the response stream to which the HTTP response body will be written.
Public property ResponseVersion Gets the version used by the host in the response.



  Name Description
Public method GetQueryStringItem Gets a data item identified by the identity key contained by the parameter of the method.
Public method ProcessException Handles a data service exception using information in the args parameter.



Each component that hosts WCF Data Services, such as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) must implement this interface. IDataServiceHost is the contract between WCF Data Services and its hosting environment. This abstraction allows the WCF Data Services runtime to be agnostic to any particular hosting environment. The interface provides WCF Data Services with access to inbound HTTP requests. A new object implementing this interface is instantiated for each HTTP request and is then used to inspect properties of the HTTP request and configure the HTTP response.

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