OData Library

The OData library is a .NET Framework serialization library that supports the Open Data Protocol (OData). This library is a set of programming interfaces that support advanced serialization and deserialization scenarios in applications and processes where it is not desirable to use WCF Data Services. When you use the OData library, you can create client or server applications that generate and accept OData requests and generate OData responses. When you use this library, you must perform the most basic tasks of serializing individual entities and describing model metadata. Use this library when you want to have complete control of not only the messaging environment but also how entity data is serialized. If your application only requires flexibility in defining your data model but you do not want the added overhead of creating, sending, and consuming individual OData messages, consider implementing Custom Data Service Providers (WCF Data Services) in WCF Data Services.

The OData library is implemented in the following namespaces:

The OData library also includes the EDM library, which is used to represent the data model exposed by an OData service. The EDM library is implemented in the following namespaces:

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