Configuring Workflow Manager 1.0 using Configuration Wizard


Updated: October 26, 2012

This section contains the configuration procedure for Workflow Manager. You can use Workflow Configuration Wizard to configure your Workflow Manager installation.


You can either configure Workflow Manager using Workflow Configuration Wizard or PowerShell. Using them interchangeably is not supported.

After Web PI finishes installing Workflow Manager it automatically runs the Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard. You can also start Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard manually at any time. Use the following procedure:

  1. Open the Start menu.

  2. In All Programs, go to Workflow Manager 1.0. Click the Workflow Configuration shortcut to start Workflow Configuration Wizard.

The configuration adds your machine to a new or existing server cluster, known as a farm. If you decide to create a new farm, you can either choose to use the default settings or enter custom values for settings that identify and configure the farm you are creating. The Workflow Manager Configuration Wizard supports the following operations.

  • Creating a New Farm. You can use this operation to create the farm. This operation is only required for the first computer of the farm. After the farm is created you can use Join Farm operation to add more computers to the farm.

  • Joining an Existing Farm. You can use this operation to add the computer to the existing farm.

  • Leaving a Farm. You can use this operation to remove the computer from the farm.

The Workflow Manager farm uses the Service Bus farm for these operations. Workflow Configuration Wizard will configure the Service Bus farm as a part of configuration operations.