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Installing Workflow through Web Platform Installer 4.0 (Workflow Manager 1.0)


Updated: January 15, 2013

This section contains the installation procedure for Workflow Manager.

Installing Workflow Manager


This topic provides online installation instructions. To install Workflow Manager 1.0 offline, see Offline Installation Instructions.

  1. You can install Workflow Manager by clicking this installation link.

    1. If Web Platform Installer 4.0 (Web PI) is not installed on the computer, clicking the link initiates the installation for Web PI. After you accept the license terms and the installation of Web PI completes, the prerequisite page for Workflow Manager 1.0 starts.

    2. If Web PI 4.0 is already present on the computer, clicking the link starts the prerequisite installation page for Workflow Manager 1.0.

    3. If the computer has an older version of Web PI, clicking on the installation link will start a prompt for upgrading Web PI. Accept it to continue with the installation.

  2. The Prerequisites dialog appears with a list of prerequisite components that are not present on your computer but that Web PI downloads and installs, including third-party components for which you have not accepted licensing terms.


    Check the components and click the I Accept button at the bottom of the dialog to accept the license terms.

    Click View license terms beneath any component to read the licensing terms for that component before you accept the terms.

    Depending on the prerequisites that Web PI installs, you may need to reboot your machine, or your machine may reboot automatically. After the machine reboots run Configuration Wizard manually to configure the installation.

  3. Web PI downloads and installs any missing prerequisites, then installs Workflow Manager.

  4. When the missing prerequisites and Workflow Manager are installed you can start Configuration Wizard. Click the Continue button to start the wizard.


  5. Web PI starts Configuration Wizard. The following Web PI dialog indicates that the installation and configuration have completed successfully.


    Click Finish to end the installation process.

You can also start Configuration Wizard manually at any time. Use the following procedure:

  1. Open the Start menu.

  2. In All Programs, go to Workflow Manager 1.0. Click the Workflow Configuration shortcut to start Workflow Configuration Wizard.